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Paperless Audits

LPA Admin is designed to manage all your manufacturing audit needs. Our customers can utilize LPA Admin for up to 8 different audits types (i.e., Process, Safety, Environmental, etc.) all in one mobile- responsive application. You can seamlessly transition your organization to paperless auditing through the use of company issued mobile devices. You also get the added benefit of real-time data, automated notifications, and cost savings on paper supplies and Administration time/labor.

Auditing with Laminated Checklists

If your work environment is not suitable for use of mobile devices, the laminated method is also a proven, low-cost solution to reduce paper.

We recommend that only administrators print and laminate the LPA audit checklists. When your audits are built or modified, the administrators take the laminated audit sheets to the areas where the audits are performed. Your auditors can use a dry erase marker to complete the audits on the shop floor. Once completed, they can either enter the data at their desk/workstation or submit the sheet to an administrator for entering. After data entry is complete, the sheets are wiped clean and returned to the audit area for the next auditor.

To maintain revisions control, the administrator can remove and shred the previous version of the laminated audit. Because the print date is on the bottom of the audit, it is easy to validate the audit revision by comparing the laminated copy to the audit history in LPA Admin.