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Additional Information

Additional Information

We take time to understand each of our client’s unique needs and operating concerns. Then, we use our skills and knowledge to provide lean solutions to quality, delivery and operating performance deficiencies. Ultimately, our goal is to guide our clients to improved profitability while providing greater value to their customers.

It provides your team unprecedented access to information needed to control and improve high risk areas throughout your manufacturing processes. Using a variety of easy to navigate screens, graphs and reports, your management team will be in command of your company’s manufacturing processes.

LPA Admin provides your team with a real-time, easy-to-use method to:

  • Schedule Audits
  • Automate Audit Notifications (including non-conformances)
  • Automate Improvement Idea Notifications
  • Build and Edit Audit Templates
  • Store and Manage Individual Audit Checklists
  • Record Audit Revision Histories
  • Record and Track Audit Results
  • Record and Track Corrective Actions
  • Record and Track Management Approval of Corrective Actions
  • Record and Track Basic Improvement Ideas
  • Produce Audit Reports
  • Design and run Custom Reports
  • What makes LPA Admin different from the competition:
  • Manages 8 different audit types (i.e. LPA, 5-S, Safety, Lean)
  • Provided in 7 different languages
  • No up-charge for Customer/Technical Support
  • No charge for application training
  • No charge for standard upgrades
  • LPA Admin is a web-based application, all your data is securely available to your management team anytime, anywhere.

We further believe that doing what is right and fair for our clients is our first priority. When our clients are recommending us to other organizations, we know we have succeeded.