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Manufacturing Auditing

Insight Lean Solutions is a 100% female owned business, we offer manufacturing audit management software designed to eliminate administrative waste while effortlessly exceeding any customer Layered Process Audit requirements. LPA Admin is easy to use and provides real-time access to critical production process information. Take proactive control of your manufacturing processes.

20 Years Manufacturing Experience
Go Paperless

LPA Admin is designed to manage all your manufacturing audit needs. Our customers can utilize LPA Admin for up to 8 different audits types (i.e., Process, Safety, Environmental, etc.) all in one mobile- responsive application. You can seamlessly transition your organization to paperless auditing through the use of company issued mobile devices. You also get the added benefit of real-time data, automated notifications, and cost savings on paper supplies and Administration time/labor.

Paperless Audits
Insights & Analysis

Each user of LPA Admin has their own report page and the ability to completely customize their reports to the data they want to see. LPA Admin utilizes Power Bi embedded in our application. This allows our customers to create a quality focused, data-driven culture across your organization. Or you can create a standard reporting format that can be distributed to your team for analysis and report out. This allows everyone in your Leadership to have immediate insights and take quick action.

Customizable Reporting
More Than Just Tech Support

We believe our reputation and growth will move in the same direction as the quality of service our customers are receiving. Our goal is to give them impeccable service. This is why we provide 24/7 customer service to all LPA Admin Administrators at no additional cost. With a team of manufacturing professionals available at all times, we walk alongside our customers from beginning to end; giving you more than just Technical Support, we are available to discuss quality principles, best practices, CQI-8 requirements, Customer Specifics, and assist you with meeting all requirements for your registering body.

24/7 Customer Service to All Administrators
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Layered Process Auditing

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